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Software Consulting and Support

Solutions for any business using computerized accounting, bookkeeping and related applications software or wanting assistance with inital set-up. Most popular software packages used today are often underutilized or misunderstood, this creates wasted opportunities.

Accounting Services


Complete bookkeeping and record maintenance services to meet your special needs. The objective is to relieve you of the biggest headache every business owner has in their office - accounting, while providing you with useable financial information to help you prosper.

Tax Preparation and Related Services


Federal and multi-state income tax returns with supporting documentation and schedules for proper filing. Piecemeal tax laws, late-breaking changes and last-minute or unavailable income tax forms add to the increasing complexity in preparing your personal income tax returns - allow my experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you through this challenge and to a favorable result.

Other Services

QuickBooks Consulting and Support

Ideal solutions to customize QuickBooks for your business. We support QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions Editions for Contractors, Nonprofits, Retailers, Manufacturers, Professionals, and Wholesalers & Distributors.

Accounting Services

Compiled Financial Statements

Monthly, quarterly and annual Balance Sheet and Statement of Operations are prepared accurately and timely for a broad range of clients. Creditors, lenders, owners, and private investors use this service to gauge the financial success of the business.

Tax Preparation and Related Services

Corporate, Partnership, LLC

Business income tax returns prepared for calendar or fiscal year taxpayers.

Other Services

Accu-Build Consulting and Support

Customizing your construction software to meet your internal accounting duties and functions.

Accounting Services

Reviewed Financial Statements

Engagements to perform review services of financial statements are required in obtaining construction bonds, financial assistance, business owners measurement of success, third party requirements, and related needs.

Tax Preparation and Related Services

Estates & Trusts

Grantor Trusts, Probate Estates, Simple Trusts, Complex Trusts, Disability Trusts.

Exempt and Not-For-Profit Organizations

Charities, Churches, Non- Profits, and Religious Organizations.

Other Services

Entity Structuring

Assisting and helping choose the right structure for your business.

Accounting Services

Audited Financial Statements

Engagements with private companies to audit their financial statements is the highest level of service for a CPA.

Other Services

Financial Planning

Full service Financial Planning for future goals.

Accounting Services

Payroll and Complementary Services

Reliable and timely computerized payroll service packages custom tailored to your special needs. As a CPA firm, we are able to combine accounting skills with the accuracy of the computer to provide your company a complete payroll system consistent with your needs.

Tax Preparation and Related Services

Tax Planning

Year round and long term income tax planning and management services.

Representation in Tax Examinations

Being a CPA, I have the essential knowledge required to enter the tax problem resolution arena, I am permitted to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities. Assisting with IRS, FTB, EDD, BOE and other taxing authorities. Taxing authorities are after delinquent and non-filing taxpayers and want what is owed the agency.

Other Services

Business Valuations

Establishing the proper value of a small business.

Tax Preparation and Related Services

Sales Tax, Property Tax, License Renewals...

State, county and local permits and licenses filings and applications.