A core specialty is the annual preparation of income tax returns for individual and related advisory services. Also corrections to prior years income tax returns such as, amending tax returns for over-statements or under-statements of incomes or deductions. Net operating loss (NOL) carryback, etc. Technical support for self preparers who use income tax software such as, Microsoft, Turbo Tax and various others. Seventy years ago, the instructions for preparing form 1040 were only two pages. Today form 1040 instructions are 155 pages, not including supporting forms instructions. Currently the IRS prints 1,101 required forms and an excess of 16,000 pages of instructions. The Internal Revenue Code requires 13.5 million words to explain the laws and regulations, and 11,760 pages of fine print. A 146% increase as of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. The average taxpayer consumes over 27 hours preparing and reading tax forms each year, only to be hopeful of their submission.